DFA Kali Instructor Program

Here's what's inside!

We want to help you to become a Martial Arts Instructor, trained in the philosophy, basic foundation, training drills, street combatives and weapons. All from the comfort of your home or anywhere that you wish to train.

We’ve launched the first ever DFA Kali Training Program, a 300 Hour comprehensive course in Filipino Martial Arts taught by martial arts teacher, seminar instructor and author, David Seiwert.

Upon completion, you’ll be certified through our organization, be added as an instructor to our website and join an elite group of instructors who are some of the most influential, committed, well known and qualified teachers in their community.

If you’ve ever felt a calling to teach martial arts, This is your chance to do it.

Still not sure? Try DFA Kali Level 1 for Free! You have nothing to lose.