Secrets of the Knife - part 1: Empty Hand Defense

Defensive drills and technique against the Blade

The Filipino martial arts are known by the names Kali, Escrima and Arnis. Many people think that if they become good at twirling the stick then they know FMA. Wrong! There is more, much more.

This course focuses on the use of the Empty Hand defense against the Knife. Teaching Defensive Movements, Footwork, Blocks, Disarms, and much more.
Many police and military around the world are now learning the Filipino Martial Arts due to the effectiveness of the techniques.

That's 66 video lessons and over 3 1/2 Hours of Material. That's like getting 4 DVD's! Each lesson can be downloaded and you have access to the course Forever!

This is an expansion of what is found in DFA Kali Level 7. Some of the material can be found in the DFA Kali course, but the majority of it is brand new and cannot be found anywhere else. This is a good companion to the Knife Fighting Book - part 1 found on Amazon.

This course is especially useful for those of you who are instructors of other styles and want to add Knife Fighting and Defense to your school curriculum

The course teaches the following:

FMA History 4:35
Salute/Bow 1:37

Attacking Angles
Nine Attacking Angles


Forward Angle Stepping 4:43
Reverse Angle Stepping 1:25
Full Triangle Stepping 3:47
Six Point Stepping 2:40

Evading the Blade with Linear Stepping
Evading the Blade with Angular Stepping

Blocking-Cross Body
Special Attention to Angle #5 5:13
Grabbing & Controlling 7:20
Arm Wrench 2:55
Three count eye jab 4:11
Putting it Together 2:06

Angle #8 Disarms
#8 Drill part 1 3:55
#8 Drill part 2 2:49
#8 Drill part 3 2:18
#8 Drill part 4 2:37
#8 Drill part 5 4:04

Disarms - Forward Grip (8) 10:13
Disarms - Reverse Grip (6 or 10) 10:57


Palasut #1 4:11
Palasut #2 5:17
Pendulum #1
Pendulum #2 4:56
Pendulum #3
Pendulum #4 2:25
Pendulum #5 4:46
Knife Flow Drill #1
Knife Flow Drill #2 - Return to Sender
Knife Flow Drill #3 - Takedowns
HuBud with Knife #1
HuBud with Knife #2

Takedown Flow Drill Applications
Takedown #1
Takedown #2
Takedown #3
Takedown #4
Takedown #5

Angle #8 Attack - Disarm with Counter Attack
Disarm & Counter #1
Disarm & Counter #2
Disarm & Counter #3
Disarm & Counter #4
Disarm & Counter #5
Disarm & Counter #6
Disarm & Counter #7


Hold-up scenario #1 2:37
Hold-up scenario #2 2:27
Hold-up scenario #3 4:01
Hold-up scenario #4 4:22
Hold-up scenario #5 3:55
Hold-up scenario #6 5:19
Hold-up scenario #7 4:06

Ground Fighting
Drill #1
Drill #2
Drill #3
Drill #4
Drill #5
Disarm #1
Disarm #2
Disarm #3
Disarm #4
Disarm #5

Your Instructor

David Seiwert
David Seiwert

David Seiwert has been studying, teaching and training in a wide range of martial arts from Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines since he was 12 years old.

He is currently retired from the engineering field and regularly travels to Southeast Asia to further increase his knowledge and understanding of these indigenous arts.

When not traveling he spends his time teaching, giving seminars, writing books and producing videos about the fighting systems of these regions.

For more information on training material or having Mr. Seiwert come to your town for seminars you can contact him at:

DFA Kali on FaceBook

Course Curriculum

  FMA History & Basics
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  Attacking Angles
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Available in days
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